Project autograph makes an appointment with the spot. Masses net Nanjing on Nov南京哪个spa可以做大活ember 26 report on November 26, zoology is preferential green grows — chamber of commerce of be in harmony of investment of estate of new material of chemical industry of river of Hubei · branch is held in Nanjing, autograph of 10 projects spot is made an appointment with, consultative total investment 8 billion yuan, among them project of 1 billion yuan of above 4, the autograph makes an appointment with project experience chemistry the many keys industry such as science and technol南京扫黄大风ogy of intimate chemical industry of deep of new material of material medicine, chemical industry, high end, environmental protection category. “We will respect entrepreneur like respecting a scientist, with the best policy, most advantageous circumstance, best fine handle affairs, let broad entrepreneur set one’s mind at the job, Shu Xinsheng is vivid, absorption do poineering work, set his mind at to achieve rich. ” in the activity, yu Feng of vice secretary of branch river municipal Party committee, mayor makes special subject recommend and allude, now, the chemical industr2019南京的场子怎么了?y of branch river already was formed with chemical industry new material gives priority to body, high-end deep intimate chemical industry and high end are ag南京洗浴喝茶一条街ricultural chemical industry is an ala ” one advocate both wings ” industrial pattern. The vast and bare of branch river distant view 我去南京碧波池的经历of instantly, g南京419龙凤网站ood luck is boundless; Quicken transition, kinetic energy sufficient; Element assemble, vigor bursts forth; Relative business heavy business, install business to help busine水磨干磨都有什么项目ss; Clean and neat, scene is beauti2019年夜场严打ful; Modern and elegant, convenience appropriate is resided; Perfect, industry becomes garden division catenary, cordial hope entrepreneur people choose river of branch river, take南京桃源9号会所 root branch, as hand-in-hand as hand of branch Jiang Xie, deserve to decompose long. Spot of chamber of commerce of be in harmony, changzhou is puissant nearly 500 the company of new material of more than 300 chemical industry such as limited company of group of Su Hua of limited company of petrifaction of hill of limited company of science and technology of the banner in limited company of new material of friendship of Inc. of electronic new material, Shanghai China, Jiangsu, gold, Jiangsu, honored guests are assembled in, in all the road that transition of industry of chemical industry of word branch river upgrades. Qian Xiaochun of president of Inc. of puissant electron new material says Changzhou, “Regard a civilian battalion as entrepreneur, here I can see chemical new material is flourishing the future that grow, can see happiness more but period branch river future. ” Yao Yi of president of electric limited company says Shanghai buy constant, “The activity tomorrow, not only tick off those who removed us to cooperate ‘ branch river is remembered ‘ , also witnessing us to be achieved in all ‘ branch river outstanding achievement ‘ , more rising us in all of draw ‘ branch river blue print ‘ , open wears what we build in all ‘ b南京江宁上门过夜ranch river wishs scene ‘ . The branch river that I believe to did not come can have stronger hypostatic economy, more beautiful zoology circumstance, more sufficient vessel certainly new power, more of actor communal handle affairs, much better battalion trade situation, bestrew modern temperament already, also bestrew the verve of birthplace village song, become more the people’s morale gallop yearning ‘ poem and distance ‘ . ” according to comprehending, branch river chemical industry is new 2018 data property total production value 17.52 billion yuan, hold total production value of whole town property 35.6% . Garden of chemical industry of harbor of branch river city Home Yao was October 2008 Hubei province hair changes appoint the garden of professional chemical industry that approve establishs, complete province the adds up to support of emphasis of area of garden of compasses chemical industry, nation loop of first course attestation changes an innovation to establish modular garden division, garden area area 42.7 square kilometre, include ” Chinese chemical industry 100 strong ” Hubei the enterprises of 3南京高级spa论坛6 domestic building put into production such as 3 peaceful chemical industry, 58 are in build project confused here. Garden division is public facility of form a complete set is complete, already built goods station of 3 public commercial and transportation cen南京spa男士论坛ter, railroad heat addition of field, gather is station of fire control of cord南京哪个spa可以做大活ial, professional chemical industry, communal sewage deals with content of burn down of factory, ind南京 樱桃spa 论坛ustry deals with center, integrated canal corridor covers whole area. Cou南京紫峰一号ntry ” the Yangtse River shelters greatly ” of scheme carry out the area that it is garden to abolish transition of bottleneck, seek created precious chance, garden area according to environmental protection the restful, tooling, enterprise that enter garden, loop operates, garden area processing, society is entered display ” 6 top-ranking ” standard, not exhaust perfects primary facility, comprehensive enlarge compasses upgrades, to international garden of chemical industry of top-ranking green loop strides.