Original title: Claim of gather of title of 14 old catastrophe on November 26, the area that build Ye is held ” do not forget first heart, missi南京夜生活商务模特on bearing in mind ” thematic education needs area grade level to mediate processing exercise problems is handed in do meeting, title of 14 old catastrophe is assembled by relevant unit claim, the requirement is protected on time catch character fulfil, lash the title is handled as early as possible. Theme of province, municipal Party committee teachs 南京兼职女论坛交流the 2nd itinerate to coach fellow attend as a nonvoting delegate is in charge of related the group. Acc南京洗浴喝茶一条街ording to be being allowed first, made 14 subjects that tackle that day, it is to build Ye area to fa一个人去ktv找公主尴尬吗rmland early days area appoint fellow survey visit, have an informal discussion compreh南京三大平民场子ends members of standing committee and comb in 96 南京梧桐社区titles that each unit collects collect choose those who come out, covered urban processing, the people’s livelihood to handle affairs, the many respects such as battalion trade situation. On the meeting, refer thematic sign unit, difficulty of target of to the question of take leave of did specific specification. 南京性价比场子90分钟Have a few themes among them, still touch a few areas, old catastrophe title that procrastinated more than 10 years. For instance, the love that Yuan Jie path refers south amounts to garden village dweller to give a difficult title, it is title of bequeath of a history. This village is located in the area that build Ye, rain to spend area of the Huaihe River of stage area, the Qin Dynasty 3 areas boundary, although be the dweller village that builds Ye, but give the knack of travel to spend stage area in rain however, add open up to prop up moment is earlier, the plan props up in those days the standard is not high-grade identity, form a travel passageway equipment not quite fair. Because touch administrative area chasm, the principal part with proportional need is much. Street, community although frequently as ide南京 樱桃spa 论坛ntical as relevant unit, but the title still did not obtain processing. Again for instance, double brake is street referred traffic gives a title. This are street reaction, as equipment of communal form a co全国龙凤信息论坛mplete set perfect, part of area under administration builds trade pu南京高端模特外卖t oneself in another’s posi梧桐客栈 南京 spation, school to abandon capacity of system of the wagon flow all around, passenger flow to increase, originally public traffic equipment is adjusted without real time, affected current effectiveness, also put in restful hidden trouble. For instance south happy南京浅深能做吗 hill road paragraph, build have Ren Hengjiang the bay is new 6 close commerce market, send elementary school of grade of far nursery school, Le Shan, 7 buses site also equipment is in the place, this a section of a highway east side often has receive send child car and the car in shopping repast of square of trade country fair to take place, as a result of the road narrower, cause have the hair that block frequency up, fastigium of morning an江苏夜网d evening especially disorder, severe double image rang to hand in go completely c南京三四百的场子ircumstance. The conference is old to these 14 that day catastrophe title item-by-item stops differentiation to hand in to compulsory part and each unit one by one do, rectify and reform a requirement at the same time,南京高端微信 rectify and reform the respect such as node of French, moment to make particular demand. Each obligation unit tackles a subject to handing in ” check the number is entered ” , automatic claim, make appear on a speech. “This theme education and assemble within the party before the difference with the biggest education, will rectify and reform namely fulfil as theme of important measure permeate is taught from beginning to end, catch attend in a advanced studies to teach progress to be familiar with already, confront each other again the title is oriented, the masses in taking processing seriously to work most the title of care. ” the area that build Ye appoint principal and responsible fellow suggestion, should exert oneself broken solution is driven in the project, the industry grows, deepen a vessel party of safeguard of processing of new, city, the people’s livelihood, lower level builds the difficulty that waits for respect existence and title, decisive accomplish do not rectify and reform reach the designated position not to dispatch troops, the masses is not contented do not stop, lash with the practical effect that rectify and reform whole area high quality grows.